About The Creators of Seo Experts Academy Course

The creators of seo experts academy are matt carter and terry kyle, these two guys are awesome because they have their websites at the top for two of the very competitive keywords.  I do not generally talk about other marketers but matt and terry are awesome pair of marketers and i have to mention my views, opinions on the creators of seo experts academy course.

Let us know about matt carter first and then get back to terry kyle.
seo experts academy matt carterNow go to google and type in the keyword “affiliate marketing” and click on the website that is ranking number 3, that is matt carters website. We all know how competitive that keyword is and ranking in the top 3 position is not an easy job to do but matt has got his website there and i will let you decide his seo expertise.

The website which is ranking at position 3 is www.mattsmarketingblog.com and here he is offering internet marketing video course which is free to all. This blog is where you can find matt actively make posts on the latest trends and resources that will interest budding affiliate marketers, also recommend you check out his latest offer to online marketers that is seo experts academy.

seo experts academy terry kyle Matt has teamed up with terry kyle who is also a brilliant marketer and is the creator of other wonderful stuff like “domain buying black belt”. He also launched a new seo forum called traffic planet recently.

The most interesting part is yet to come, guys terry kyle has a website that is ranking in the first page of google for the keyword “make money online” guess what this website was created in august and it went to that position in just 3 weeks time.

This website is experiencing some google dance but in few days time should get to the top of the search results for that key phrase.

There are many other websites, they both claim to have more than 750 websites all bringing them over 200,000 visitors every month and imagine what you can do with such a huge traffic. They have 7 figure income coming from all these sites together, now they are gearing up to teach their seo expertise to new comers and those who want to learn their secrets.

If you want to be a part of their training then do check out the members area of seo experts academy which is an awesome place to learn all about search engine optimization and turn your self into a seo professional. Well this very well explained in the last module of the course you should read it thoroughly.

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